Music Lessons For Kids

My music studio has the best of both worlds:

  • Acoustic
  • Digital

Acoustic:  Students have access to a 5' 10" Kawai Grand Piano.  This beautiful piano allows students to develop artistic expression in their music.

Digital:  Students also have access to a piano lab with several work stations that include high-end digital pianos with iPads filled with apps, MIDI and mp3 tracks.  Today's kids love electronics.  I believe good keyboards have a place in the music studio for many reasons:  utilizing unique sounds, playing with a metronome or drum pattern, playing tracks to accompany songs, and so much more.  Many families prefer to begin lessons with keyboards as they are cost -friendly, easy to move, take up little space, and never need to be tuned.  Fully weighted keys are preferred for piano study!  Those keyboards cost a little more, but students cannot develop their hand/finger strength or proper technique without weighted keys.  I am happy to help you find the right keyboard for your student.