I hope that this content will be useful to parents of my piano students!

Response to School Closings!

  Saturday, March 14, 2020 by Cherie Norquay | Uncategorized

During the week of March 16 - 19, I will provide video piano lessons for your students.  This week’s lesson will include some of the following things (depending upon the age and level of the student):  One new technical exercise, a new rote song that is played without music notes, help on a specific song your student is currently working on, a new approach to learning a new song in a book your student has, strategies on how to practice a new song, how to use the music app Flashnote Derby in a new way and specific notes to drill, help for students trying to make the one minute club, a composition challenge, and more.

I want to give your child individualized attention, so if you record short videos of  your child playing his/her songs for me, I can provide feedback, guidance, suggest improvements, or assign new material.  

I am happy to provide  individualized  feedback with either a voice response, typed response or a short video to further demonstrate something on the piano.  Please make sure you provide videos of your student  to me by the day of your usual piano lesson, so I have time to respond.  

Facebook messenger is the best place to share video files with me.  It is better to take several short videos than one long one.  Long videos take forever to load and are sometimes too long for messenger.  Google drive is another place you can put short videos.  I have very limited space there, so I choose not to use that platform for video files which take a lot of storage space.

Students love to watch videos, I have found video instruction to be very helpful in piano teaching and have been building my  instructional library on a Youtube channel the past few years:  Janesville Piano Lessons.  Please subscribe to my channel where you will find many many songs that your student will be playing.

I will be spending the next several days recording lessons and will send you the piano lesson links as soon as they are ready for your student.

Most students will have lots of extra time on their hands so it is even a wonderful opportunity for students to compose their own songs for our Spring Recital (I hope we will still have that on May 3rd).

April Lessons:  I will gather more information and get parental feedback as we approach April as to the best plan of action for April lessons.  I think it is too early to tell at this point.  As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or need help accessing the piano lessons.


Cherie Norquay