I hope that this content will be useful to parents of my piano students!

I Love Coffee

Monday, October 1, 2018 by Cherie Norquay | Uncategorized

Students are doing an amazing job of learning to read notes.  We are really focusing in on Middle C and the steps moving up D, E, F, G.  There are so many songs that can be played with these notes.

However, it is nice to take a break from note reading to play something more whimsical and fun.  I have taught "I Love Coffee" to many students.  If your child has already played "I Love Coffee" it may be time to refresh their memory (or older students may learn the accompaniment part).  

If your child is brand new, you will be delighted that these step by step video tutorials will teach your child to play like a pro!  There are 6 parts to I Love Coffee.  The fourth part is the most difficult to play.  The second part is the most fun!  I put a little fuzz ball on the starting two black keys just to help with placement!