I hope that this content will be useful to parents of my piano students!

Flashy Fingers!

Friday, September 14, 2018 by Cherie Norquay | Uncategorized

Flashy Fingers is for newer beginning students.  It can even be helpful for improving technique in older students who struggle with proper hand shape and collapsing finger joints.  You will see that your student is bringing home Flashy Fingers (maybe already has it) in the next week or two.  I put this little video together to demonstrate some ways to use this resource.  5-6 year old students may have some trouble initially moving fingers independently.  The simplest way fro them to gain confidence is to put two hands together and wiggle fingers from the cards.  Please notice I always demonstrate tall fingers, not flat fingers, and that the knuckles are the highest point of the hand.  If you ask a child to gently hold a bubble, you take that hand shape and turn it upside down.  That is the proper shape to develop good hand position.

MOST IMPORTANTLY....  Make it fun!

A child can close their eyes and find two black keys and then open their eyes and play a flashy finger card on C or D or E.

Sometimes I have them go to the middle of the room and turn around three times and then see if they can find CDE again.  

If you have a digital keyboard you can gain a lot of mileage by changing the sound for each Flashy Card.

Call a grandma and play a flashy card over the phone (or live messenger).

Take a video on your phone of your child's favorite flashy card and send it to your piano teacher!  Or post it on our Studio Facebook Page here:


I love for students to see their success!  Finger independence takes work and practice.  I hope you have fun with this activity!